Monday, 25 August 2008


I continue to enjoy all the Macmerised films and Mactastic. For those of us addicts who are able to recall the hey days of the traditional mackintosh in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, it is a real joy to see them worn and displayed as they should be.

I’m glad to see your films especially those who show women wearing rubberised rainwear. One of the best I think is Macmerised No.5 - very gorgeous. Go on in this way and you’ll make me very happy.


These are the best DVS’s I have ever watched there is nothing rude about them just sheer pleasure watching three girls modelling their rubber macs 10 out of 10 for entertainment. On both DVD’s I found that the blue and green macs turned me on and when Laura modelled both a red satin and a grey double textured rubber mac I was so excited I was trembling and started playing with myself with pleasure.


It really is unbelievable that these garments made to keep us dry in the rain are connected with something totally foreign to their purpose I have been enjoying the feel, the smell, the sound and the look of black mackintoshes ever since I can remember, from a pushchair at three or four to middle age. As a child I could not put a mackintosh on without becoming so stimulated that it was just not possible to take it off again without having reached orgasm at least once


I Have just been watching clips from You Tube showing Macmerised 1-4 produced by yourselves. As a life-long devotee to the black rubber mackintosh (and waders) I must say that these clips include the best SBR mackintosh material I have seen. Claudia in Macmerised 3 seems to be enjoying her mackintosh almost to the point of satisfaction. Either that or she is a clever actress for the job. Her mackintosh is perfect, Lovely texture and perfect shine and a very audible ripple of rubber when she moves. She displays it perfectly as well and to watch her is very stimulating- a mackintosh which would be a delight to share.

My own mackintosh world, so long held secret like so many thousands of others. Centres around shiny black rubber mackintoshes and black rubber waders. My enjoyment wearing these also relates to motorbikes. This is an association formed in childhood when about 70% of the motorcycling population wore black rubber and where it provided much more than just protection from the weather as I found out as a child. Mackintosh fetishism has been around for a very long time and the black rubber mackintosh has always been a particularly British form of enjoyment. It is a revelation to see mackintosh lovers coming out of the closet and going public. Thanks to the Internet we have found out that we are not alone but surely tens, if not hundreds of thousands who enjoy the secret pleasure of sexual satisfaction while wearing mackintoshes and rubber boots etc – or whatever the particular fancy dictates.


In Mactastic Vol 1 the mac has lovely big pockets and if you are quick (at normal play speed) you can just see her putting a hand through her pocket, between her legs, but if you use the pause button slowly you can see quite clearly how her right hand moves the pocket ‘way in’ between her legs and then gathers one or two extra bits of mac and pushes them between her legs, presumably to increase the delightful pleasures she’s enjoying.

Seen like that it is breathtaking and I’ve spent hours working the buttons Rewind and Pause with my left hand while my right hand is giving me heavenly trills just imagining how lovely it must be for her.

Please promise me one thing you will be making more DVD’s with Frankie in SBR macks. A trip to the Stables (great) She is so Sexy in SBR. Maybe we could have a Black SBR film with all Black SBR macks (Heaven)

Selection of comments

It was only later in life that I discovered that my tastes were by no means unique. When I read the letters in the Society’s magazine I am always struck by the similarities in our personal experiences.

I hope you have included some indoor scenes, especially of the ladies slipping noisily in and out of their mackintoshes for us to enjoy!

Look forward to the Belgian capes when they are available. Good luck with the filming. Please drop me a line when they are ready.

I like girls in just macs in soft single texture rubberised materials and definitely with a belt.
As far as I’m concerned shininess is the big thing for me- just reading that name makes me play gorgeously.


Many thanks for Macmerised Vol. 5 which included the delights of the Pearl cape. Ever since I can remember capes have been my “Special Thing”; I always feel they epitomized the feminine and mysterious. The classic off-white mackintosh cape with attached hood has a powerful magic.

Many thanks for Volume 2 & 3 of Macmerised. Both of which I found thoroughly enjoyable. The enthusiasm shines through, along with a sense of both style and good humour.


Volume 2 was too much for me and I just had to buy the Hamilton Classics Emerald Green Marilyn Cape, which she modelled so attractively and provocatively. I don’t quite match up to this! Still, in my view, there is nothing to equal the drape and swish of a mackintosh or cape. Pity we do not see more being worn or indeed in the shops. Keep up the good work.

Monday, 4 August 2008


Found your fetish website in the recent Mackintosh Society magazine and it is fantastic. Since I live on the far edge of the universe, in what is an absolute mac dessert , your DVD collection is mouth watering. However your add does not indicate a version that is playable here in the US. If there is a compatible version are they available via your website? If so I shall become an instant member.


I received a “A Trip to the Stables” yesterday and having watched it twice already, wanted to pass some comments.

Firstly, twenty out of ten!! A really superb production. Although I confess readily to being a devotee of the white riding mack (exhibited wonderfully by Frankie), Debbie was absolutely, stunningly, heart-achingly gorgeous in the Dutch Police Mack (I’m not 100% sure if it was SBR, but the style was fantastic; with silver buttons, it looked very ‘dressagey’). Also, she looked so assured and natural, and incredibly elegant in the saddle; I have to say that for me, seeing her execute a “rising trot” left nothing to the imagination and was in every way the climax of the video, even though she wasn’t wearing a white riding mack...

I hope very much that you might have a second “Trip to the Stables” planned , and I would urge you to give Debbie the lead role; for me, she is the classic riding-mistress. Given her great natural beauty, would it be possible to see more of her face next time?! A Weathervain Hussar would look superb on her, especially with a dressage hat.


Thank you very much for sending the two DVDs, the films were great, I felt very sorry for the male victim in the bondage film, still he must have enjoyed it. Laura looked great as ever and the other film, with the vintage macs brought back happy childhood memories of my mother and aunts, who all wore these type of rubber macs. On wet days our cloakroom was filled with these lovely macs, great days.


What a delight to talk to you – you understand the subtleties of this wonderful mackintosh world so well and I find it a very great comfort. I can hardly wait for the next delights to come, you’re wonderful.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


...Debbie in that gorgeous shiny black mackintosh that she obviously loved wearing (I only wish she’d kept her hands in the pockets between her legs just a wee bit longer so that she was clearly masturbating), a thing that I love seeing girls doing as I love it so much myself! In the “stables” Frankie does it beautifully in her lilac satin mack (pauses button!).

The other part of vol 2 that i’ve only just discovered is where Debbie is showing off the gun metal grey cape so gorgeously in the sitting room. The teasing way she did it with a naughty smile made the new pockets (rubberised satin) of my exciting, shiny black Weathervain mackintosh work in double time, specially when she’d taken the cape off and was getting such obvious delight from feeling it up against her skin – I could very nearly feel it myself! It made me think how wonderful it would have been if she’d done that little bit more when showing off that lovely black mack.


I’m really delighted to know that you have another two stories ready and you can imagine how keen I am to get hold of them – apart from “normal” times I often wake in the night for a “penny” but frequently I’m absolutely bursting to put on my lovely shinny Weathervain mack – so soft and smooth with a “crispness” to its rustle that I find irresistible –prop up the story so that I can have both hands free to put them in the pockets and give myself a degree of enjoyment, with the added stimulation of the story, that I cannot help myself greatly...


.... your photograph “Ayshea Prepares” in the latest Mac Soc Magazine continues to make me smile every time I see it – presumably the “Preparations” were needed due to the rather minimalist costume worn beneath?!! Its a great photo!


Many thanks for Mactastic Vol 2, you made an excellent film and a happy choice of model in Debbie. I enclose cheque for a copy of Rainwear Revisited which I am sure you will have composed with your usual flair.


Thank you for the Mactastic dvd what a wonderful surprise to see Debbie in the flesh (so to speak) great. I hope you had a nice holiday, oh and many thanks for Frankie in riding mack photos disk – mind blowing. I have spent many hours watching “Trip to the Stables” which is the best yet so far?

The good ole times

.... after the war, clothing made of rubber or rubberised materials was the first thing to come off the ration and this generated an ‘explosion’ of the wearing of mackintoshes by most of the female population (and some of the males) and, by the time that I met my wife to be, they were being worn constantly more or less as an everyday outdoor coat. When I met her she had three mackintoshes by only one wool coat that she’d been obliged to buy for her grandmother’s funeral. I was a fully committed rubber ‘freak’ by then and she soon tried wearing rubber over her naked body to see what I got out of it and this started her on the road to being as keen on rubber as I was.

It was in the evenings at home when my wife stripped off to wear a mackintosh over her naked skin that were so different to anything that I have subsequently seen in a video. Firstly she always puts on rubber panties so as not to soil the inside of the mackintosh with her ’juices’ and sometimes a rubber bra if she wanted her breasts to stand out well with their covering of rubber. We had some marvellous times sitting together on the settee, similarly garbed; oh, her moaning and groaning an the things she said “oh, wonderful rubber, lovely rubber, keep rubbing it over my body please.”

She definitely did adore rubber as was plain for me to see and could almost come to climax with the sexual effect that it had on her. At bedtime she would choose what she wanted me to wear in bed, usually rubber panties, a rubber nightie and a rubber moulded swim hat; she even found some mackintosh material in a sale and made us sheets and pillow cases out of it so she was definitely dedicated to rubber by then. I realise how very lucky I was to find her, as she was one in a million and that is why when she died, that any thought of re-marriage was impossible, nobody could replace her...