Friday, 12 December 2008

Susie's Rubber Fantasies - feedback

I think the film works well with some excellent editing, certainly very different to your other films. The mute opening is actually quite intriguing and gives the discovery of the mystery figure in the wardobe, (who is also the cameraperson of course) great impact. The long tracking shots are very exciting showing the flowing excitment of rubber and satin to perfection. I loved the slow loss of focus before becoming sharp again, very tantalising. But for me the sequence in the train is the highlight. It reminded me of my youth trying to get as close as possible to someone wearing rubber lined raincoats without being noticed. It's something that I'm sure will ring true for many rubber sexuals like myself who started their passion for rubber rainwear in the late 50's when women wore them all the time and it was easy to get a seat on the bus or train next to a rubber mac and surreptitiously touch the hem. When Suzie revealed her shimmering red satin mac and began pleasuring herself I had to come. The shot inside the train was one long take, very enticing knowing Suzie had invited her friend (and us) to watch her. The shot became mesmerizing with the rythmn of the train over the track in the background. Very classy stuff Ayshea! More?

Monday, 25 August 2008


I continue to enjoy all the Macmerised films and Mactastic. For those of us addicts who are able to recall the hey days of the traditional mackintosh in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, it is a real joy to see them worn and displayed as they should be.

I’m glad to see your films especially those who show women wearing rubberised rainwear. One of the best I think is Macmerised No.5 - very gorgeous. Go on in this way and you’ll make me very happy.


These are the best DVS’s I have ever watched there is nothing rude about them just sheer pleasure watching three girls modelling their rubber macs 10 out of 10 for entertainment. On both DVD’s I found that the blue and green macs turned me on and when Laura modelled both a red satin and a grey double textured rubber mac I was so excited I was trembling and started playing with myself with pleasure.


It really is unbelievable that these garments made to keep us dry in the rain are connected with something totally foreign to their purpose I have been enjoying the feel, the smell, the sound and the look of black mackintoshes ever since I can remember, from a pushchair at three or four to middle age. As a child I could not put a mackintosh on without becoming so stimulated that it was just not possible to take it off again without having reached orgasm at least once


I Have just been watching clips from You Tube showing Macmerised 1-4 produced by yourselves. As a life-long devotee to the black rubber mackintosh (and waders) I must say that these clips include the best SBR mackintosh material I have seen. Claudia in Macmerised 3 seems to be enjoying her mackintosh almost to the point of satisfaction. Either that or she is a clever actress for the job. Her mackintosh is perfect, Lovely texture and perfect shine and a very audible ripple of rubber when she moves. She displays it perfectly as well and to watch her is very stimulating- a mackintosh which would be a delight to share.

My own mackintosh world, so long held secret like so many thousands of others. Centres around shiny black rubber mackintoshes and black rubber waders. My enjoyment wearing these also relates to motorbikes. This is an association formed in childhood when about 70% of the motorcycling population wore black rubber and where it provided much more than just protection from the weather as I found out as a child. Mackintosh fetishism has been around for a very long time and the black rubber mackintosh has always been a particularly British form of enjoyment. It is a revelation to see mackintosh lovers coming out of the closet and going public. Thanks to the Internet we have found out that we are not alone but surely tens, if not hundreds of thousands who enjoy the secret pleasure of sexual satisfaction while wearing mackintoshes and rubber boots etc – or whatever the particular fancy dictates.


In Mactastic Vol 1 the mac has lovely big pockets and if you are quick (at normal play speed) you can just see her putting a hand through her pocket, between her legs, but if you use the pause button slowly you can see quite clearly how her right hand moves the pocket ‘way in’ between her legs and then gathers one or two extra bits of mac and pushes them between her legs, presumably to increase the delightful pleasures she’s enjoying.

Seen like that it is breathtaking and I’ve spent hours working the buttons Rewind and Pause with my left hand while my right hand is giving me heavenly trills just imagining how lovely it must be for her.

Please promise me one thing you will be making more DVD’s with Frankie in SBR macks. A trip to the Stables (great) She is so Sexy in SBR. Maybe we could have a Black SBR film with all Black SBR macks (Heaven)

Selection of comments

It was only later in life that I discovered that my tastes were by no means unique. When I read the letters in the Society’s magazine I am always struck by the similarities in our personal experiences.

I hope you have included some indoor scenes, especially of the ladies slipping noisily in and out of their mackintoshes for us to enjoy!

Look forward to the Belgian capes when they are available. Good luck with the filming. Please drop me a line when they are ready.

I like girls in just macs in soft single texture rubberised materials and definitely with a belt.
As far as I’m concerned shininess is the big thing for me- just reading that name makes me play gorgeously.